In and out as quickly as possible ...

The rain will certainly help the ground

Friday, 29 May 2015

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."

Duke Ellington.

The Watered Gallop on racecourse side

It started off fine and chilly first thing, but as the day has progressed, the clouds have rolled over and as we write this is it raining steadily. It can only do good as the ground was getting really firm. It is better steady rain, which should get into the ground, than a monsoon which would just run off the top. We have had a busy morning with a visitor or two and we worked on the watered gallop for the first time this year at first lot and then second lot went through the stalls. If this rain is across the country we would hope to have a few runners from Monday onwards.

Peeps and Smile That Smile and below Prayer Time and Blue Bounty

I see the BHA has agreed to pay the legal costs of trainer Kate Walton and another accused after their cases were dropped. I wonder whose pocket this will come out of. No doubt it will b
e the stake holders of the industry who keep the BHA going. The whole of the disciplinary department, especially the integrity part of it, needs a complete makeover as there has been many mistakes made and they generally think that all the professionals are crooks. This is completely the wrong way of thinking as 99.9% of the industry is absolutely genuine and honest. In any walk of life or business there will be one or two dodgy ones out to work the system, but it is hard enough for everybody in this age of low prize money and expansionism to survive, so we all need help not hindrance. The money that is wasted on these issues by the BHA could be much better spent elsewhere. The old Jockey Club had a marvellous system with some very good men working for them. They understood the game, knew everybody and could sort things out and guide people the right way before anything happened, but they were side lined as being out of date. How wrong that decision looks now.

Singing Hinnie and My Guardian Angel and below Band of Thunder 

and Toparali

It was very sad to hear of the death of trainer Mel Brittain yesterday. He was a great enthusiast and a huge supporter of the northern circuit. His colours were very well known and I don’t think there is anybody I know who begrudged Mel having winners. He never spent a fortune, but ran his horses quite frequently and they always did their best. Angie remembers Mel very well as her father bred his best horse Grey Desire, who won the Duke of York and the Abernant and was placed in the July Cup. He retired to stud and sired many winners; he even had a pub named after him. Our condolences go to his wife and children and let’s hope the family can keep the colours winning in the future. We wish them well.

Band of Thunder leading first lot home

Father and son, Jimmy and Josh Quinn jumping Jack Carter and 

Permera out of the stalls at second lot

I see some more stupidity has been announced with the Devils Dyke at Newmarket out of bounds and the footpath closed on Friday nights when we have pop groups on the July course. This famous landmark runs adjacent to the course and has a view, albeit a good way away, of the stage. Health and safety is one of the reasons given. They think somebody will be dancing and drinking and fall over and injure themselves and then claim against the racecourse. They say when Jessie J played last year around 800 people stood on the bank to watch. Good luck to them I say. Whoever came up with this idea wants to think again. If they think missing out on a few pounds is the be all and end all of life they must have a boring life.

Owner, Pat Cornell, watching the action