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No Prayer Time, you need to have a jockey on board

Monday, 01 June 2015

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come."

Chinese Proverb.

Peeps and Bracken Brae and below Comrade Bond and Prayer Time


It’s a bright morning, but there is a breeze and it is quite cool out of the sun. The forecast this week is for a heavy band of rain from this afternoon onwards, then showers until Wednesday with it starting to get very warm from then onwards. In fact they are even going so far as to say that the temperature will be hotter than in Spain, which should all make for a very good day on Saturday for the Derby. Yes it is the Derby on Saturday, isn’t it amazing how quickly it comes round. We have had a good morning cantering on the heath and all has gone well apart from one loose one and yes Richard Marriott it was Prayer Time, again! He had a lovely time running round and was caught without any mishaps. I then gave him two canters. It won’t be long before he is running!

Singing Hinnie and Legal Art  

We have two runners today at Leicester. Our first two-year-old runner, Jack Carter, makes his debut in the first, the 6f maiden auction stakes. Our horses always need a run for education, but he is quite a strong sharp sort and I am hopeful that he will know a bit more than some of my runners that have gone before him. Swilken runs in the 4.55, the 7f handicap. I have talked at length about him in the past. I think this 7f should suit him and he is not without a chance once again if putting his best foot forward.


There was a great article by Richard Hughes in Saturday’s Racing Post and there were several letters supporting his views on Sunday. I just hope that racing for change and the powers that be take note of his comments as it is what a normal racing person thinks. He has been a brilliant jockey, comes from a proper racing family and will make a very good trainer, but he, like all of us, is completely frustrated with what is happening within our sport with so much money being wasted for no reason. As he says you either like racing or you don’t and no amount of pop concerts and drink will make you like it even more. We have far too much racing and until we get the fixture list greatly reduced and prize money up, we will only be going one way. We need a strong leader who can put this into practice. 

Walking home after exercise

The owners association have got themselves in a real mess with the election of the next chairman who is not eligible to take up the post. You can talk about FIFA and how that is all at sea, well the ROA is definitely not corrupt, but the mess it is in, at this time when we need unity within the industry, is not helping at all. The AGM will be interesting for many reasons and instead of it being a calm meeting, I am sure there will be plenty of dissenting voices. The majority of owners are members of this association for the right reasons, but if this infighting continues and their corner is not fought properly, I can see them dropping out of the association all together.

Through the trees the tractor working on the gallops

Below is a great picture of Astrosapphire doing her dressage test. Her new owner, Sophie Harris, is delighted with her and she will be competing in all sorts of competitions this summer. It is what we always like to see and the majority of our horses have got great homes and new careers after racing. We will keep you informed of her progress.

Astrosapphire with her owner Sophie