It's Champions weekend ...

Newcastle have got the green light

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."

Norman Vincent Peale.

Bracken Brae leading Toparali

There is plenty of cloud cover at the present time and with the breeze, you certainly need a coat to keep warm. The forecast is for two days of very warm weather and then some heavy showers at the weekend. I have been working some horses on the watered gallop, which was in perfect condition this morning, and everything went very smoothly.

Cantering in pairs

Our two runners yesterday were disappointing. Swilken I don’t think has a trip, but I may try the old horseman’s proverb of ‘before getting rid of them always try them over a completely different trip’ so he may have one run over 2 miles before going to the sales. Topaling I think I left a bit short of work as she has a mind of her own and only does what she fancies. She had a good blow last night and I won’t be long before I get her out once again.

Leading the horses back to the yard after exercise

I see the BHA has given Newcastle the green light to build an all-weather track, which means pulling up the whole of the turf course and installing a new Tapeta surface. There will be a lot of mixed feeling about this and although several trainers in the north agree with it, let’s hope it is not the start of a major trend and more courses put in all-weathers. We do not want to go down the line of American racing as that is so very boring. We have always prided ourselves in Great Britain of having a variety of tracks and have predominately been on turf. Everybody wants to buy our bloodstock, but if we start to go down the all-weather surface line the world will become a universal place. Let’s hope the BHA has got proper prize money agreements in place on the new track and everybody is not running for peanuts once again.