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Friday, 12 June 2015

"Anyone who says you can’t see a thought simply doesn’t know art."

Wynethka Ann Reynolds.

Mr Turner 

It’s a very warm morning and it is starting to get muggy. We are forecast some heavy thunderstorms later on in the day and tonight. It will be very welcome and I just hope we get some and that it doesn’t bypass the Newmarket area. We have had a busy morning using the Hamilton Hill and Southfields Ground, which is a canter of about 5f circumference. All has gone well so far.

Cantering on the Southfield Ground

The build up to next week’s Royal Ascot continues a pace, with a great deal of international raiders from all parts of the world. America, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong will be amongst the runners at the meeting. It is becoming a real international festival and every race will be highly competitive. There are plenty of horses with chances being snapped up by the big owners who have very deep pockets, as everybody wants to have a runner with a chance next week. We will be having a tipping competition everyday once again and I will be trying to find you as many winners as possible.

Exercise over and making their way back to the yard

There’s a good article by Bill Barber today in the Racing Post, on the American Triple Crown and the suggestion that we should change our Triple Crown. He is of the opinion, like I am, that we shouldn’t change it at all and it was great to see him say that if his numbers come up tonight in the lottery, the horses he bought would be aimed at the Guineas, Derby and St Leger. It can be done and it would be marvellous for it to be pulled off in the next few years.

Leading the Authorized ex Missouri filly into the lunge ring

It is very sad to see that Spanish racing is on it uppers, with plenty of arguments about who runs the sport and there has been no racing in mainland Spain so far this year. We sold a few horses out there last year, which did very well, and I know the connections will be trying hard to get the whole matter sorted out.

The horses are off so it's time for the tractor to get on

I am pleased to see the Australian racing authorities are cracking down on doping, with the cobalt problem coming to the fore. There are several trainers under investigation and as David Hayes says, I am pleased this issue is being dealt with as there is nothing worse than being beaten by a cheat. How right he is. Let’s hope they can get their sport cleaned up quickly.