Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

We have two runners today

Thursday, 25 June 2015

"Art is Man’s nature. Nature is god’s art."

James Bailey.

Comrade Bond and Mr Turner

There’s a slight cloud cover first thing, but it’s another perfect morning and the horses have all been out and had a good canter on varying all-weather tracks. They continue to look pictures, as you can see from the four photos I have put up of the partnership horses the past two days. We just need some good ground and we will have plenty of runners, although we have got two today. They were declared on good ground and it has now gone good to firm, good in places. They will both run but I will be assessing tomorrow’s runner later, after hearing what the jockeys have to say at Newmarket. I think there are a few showers forecast, but not much.

Blue Bounty

We run both My Guardian Angel at Newmarket and Prayer Time at Nottingham this afternoon on what I hope will not be too bad a ground at both tracks. They have been in great form on the watered gallop the past fortnight, but that is absolutely perfect, good ground and any jar would not help either today. My Guardian Angel is coming back after a long layoff, but is in good form and has Ryan Moore to assist. Prayer Time was very disappointing last time and never got into the contest, so I am hoping for a much better run today. We will be trying one or two more little things that could help.

Exercise over, making their way back to the yard

Surprise, surprise, Yarmouth racecourse might not be fit to race on this year. Well you didn’t need to have a crystal ball to know that as number 1, it should never have been dug up. If they were going to do the ridges, only those couple of patches should have been done as I have never known a better grass cover on any racecourse before they did the deed to the whole track. Number 2, I would think there was an ulterior motive as they could transfer the fixtures to their other tracks. As for saying they want the Newmarket trainers to run their best horses there, they did do 20 years ago and would continue to do so, but when the prize money for maidens is so pathetic, they won’t be getting the top horses. All they have to do is put the prize money up and they will have everybody from town, but if they continue with their low grade prize money they won’t get them.

Astrovirtue in the yard