In and out as quickly as possible ...

It's another beautiful day

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

"No road is paved with gold unless you make it your own treasure."

Alvaro Velasco.

Peeps and Legal Art on the watered gallop

It’s a very warm morning, which is lovely, but we are cracking on and getting the horses out and washed off to cool them down as quickly as possible. It is much cooler in the boxes than it is out this morning and looks set to stay this way for a few days yet. We worked a few horses down the watered gallop at first lot and we have also been on the Southfields round canter at all lots today. The team is working well, both horses and people.

Astromajor and Astrovirtue

Hold Firm once again ran his normal genuine race. I don’t think he would have beaten the winner, even without the bump he got leaving the stalls. I may have to consider putting an apprentice on to claim 7lbs off, which could help. Smile That Smile travelled well, but found nothing and I will be having the vet go through her with a fine toothcomb, just to check there is nothing amiss. I am told there is a bit of something about in Newmarket and we will just have to go steady and get to the bottom of her. It may be that she wants to go back to 1m rather than further and we are still learning with her as it was only her third race.

Comrade Bond leading Humphry Repton, Permera and Careless Rapture

I think it is the ROA (the Racecourse Owners Association) AGM today, which could make for a few fireworks from the floor. The new chairman was elected without the proper rules being adhered to and it looks like they will be reverting back to the old chairman for another year. It was a right mess and the owners deserve better. There was quite a lot of aggro within the ranks of normal owners, those that have supported their trainers for years, but don’t think they are getting a voice and the few are dominating the many. The ROA should be a major factor within our industry and need to get themselves sorted out quickly.

Making their way home for a nice, cooling wash down