Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

It's another scorcher

Wednesday, 01 July 2015

"Great art picks up where nature ends."

Marc Chagall.


It’s very hot and muggy and we have been trying to get the horses out as early as possible to keep them out of the boiling hot sun. It is much cooler in their boxes, in the shade. A nice healthy canter, followed by a cooling shower and a good feed of corn and hay. What more could a horse want? It feels as if we will get some thunder in the next day or two and I think that is the forecast, with this heatwave set to continue through to next week as well.

Dot Green

It was very sad to hear of the death of Kauto Star, who unfortunately had to be put down after injuring his neck and back when falling in his paddock. These accidents happen and the majority of horses get injured in the field rather than on the racecourse. It is a fact that is often forgotten when the anti-racing crowd go on about how horses get killed on the track. The majority of them, whether it is racehorses or just normal horses, injure themselves in the paddock at home. What a horse Kauto Star had been and he will never be forgotten by those closest to him and the general racing public of this generation.

Sweeping Beauty

I see Nick Rust gave an address at the Racehorse Owners Association lunch yesterday in London and was saying that we just have to move on and get used to Newcastle being an all-weather track. If they put plenty of prize money into the place and up the standard of races, it may be a good thing, but I can only see it becoming another low grade racetrack with poor prize money, very few people going and only the occasional big day, i.e. the Pitmens Derby fixture, being well attended. There were some very interesting statistics coming out of the meeting which shows the grass roots of racing, i.e.  85% of normal owners and trainers are still struggling with the prize money levels and only the few at the very top are immune to it. This situation needs addressing urgently, which everybody understands but takes forever to sort out and we have been talking about it for over 30 years. Each new chairman or chief executive brings fresh hope and let’s see what these two can do in the next few years.