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The staff are working hard

Thursday, 02 July 2015

"Few people know how to be old."

Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld.

Singing Hinnie on the Rubbing House polytrack

It’s slightly overcast, but there’s no sign of any thundery rain as yet. It is still very warm and muggy and we have just got on with exercising all the horses and trying to keep them as cool as possible. The Rubbing House polytrack and Hamilton Hill have been the canters of the morning and so far everything has gone off without a hitch. All the staff that are in have worked brilliantly, full of enthusiasm, which always helps. We have got one or two off ill at the moment, which gives everybody else more work to do, but they just get on and worked until the job is done, which is very much appreciated.

Sant'Elia on Hamilton Hill

I see Newmarket racecourse are now saying they are quite open to switching the July Cup from its weekend position, after it was announced that the Hong Kong Jockey Club had dropped it from their overseas TV slot. We have never really been told how much money this made for the industry. In fact, I don’t think any numbers have ever been officially published, that says how much the sale of our racing to overseas jurisdictions financially benefits us. This switch from midweek to a weekend was a mistake in the first place and I am sure everyone will be delighted if it can go back to its midweek position. It was on the crazy weekend when it was Chester, York and Ascot all on the same day, which made for great difficulty getting jockeys and hit the Magnet Cup meeting at York very badly. We need the race planning situation sorted out as quickly as possible, both with fixtures and geographically, so that there is not two or three meetings on the same day in the same vicinity, but as you read today, it looks like the bookmakers and the racecourses are the ones pulling the strings. Just read the big article on the ‘racing right’ in the post today, if you can concentrate that long.

Jack Carter

There is good article on lucky gambles in the post today, with people reminiscing on their near misses of winning the jackpot. I always tell people about when I was assistant trainer to Ryan Jarvis. We had Absalom, who finished up being a Group 1 sprinter at Warwick on his second run. I had everything I had on him that day, as he couldn’t possibly have got beaten, but low and behold he got beaten two short heads. It was a long drive home, with the Guv’nor not speaking to Taffy Thomas, the jockey, and he went on to win his next five races. It took me two years to recover. Great memories.

The view across to the grandstand