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We are working to keep them cool

Friday, 03 July 2015

"When painting, an artist must take care not to trap his soul in the canvas."

Terri Guillemets.

Bracken Brae, Singing Hinnie and Sant'Elia

It’s not quite as muggy this morning, but it’s bright and sunny with very little breeze. We didn’t get the thunderstorms forecast, which must have gone round us. The forecast is for a good day today and tomorrow and then hopefully some very welcome rain on Sunday. We have been on the watered gallop once again at first lot, which as you know is a god send and we are able to keep the horses fit with the work we are able to do on this strip of ground. With the weather as it is at present, we have been working through and just stopping for a swig of tea between lots, rather than having a half an hour break mid-morning. It allows the horses to stay as cool as possible, as well as the lads.

Blue Bounty, Comrade Bone and Humphry Repton

We have one runner tonight at Beverley. Astrovirtue runs in the 8.15. He has not run for over a year due to various circumstances, but is fit and well at present and has done enough work to make his seasonal debut. I have not run him enough to find out his ideal trip and ground, but tonight we will certainly start to get a handle on what he is capable of. Let’s hope Beverley have had a bit of rain, which could possibly help. The one strange thing about Beverley is that they don’t use the going stick, or they don’t seem to use the going stick, which I thought was supposed to be a universal item of equipment, but that is another story. I hope Virtue can run well tonight as he certainly deserves to. He is the most charming horse, with a great disposition and we all love him.

Legal Art, Careless Rapture and Permera

Nick Rust, the BHA Chairman, has an article today in the Racing Post on how we must not lose sight of what is at stake with the new ‘racing right’. I have met Nick, and find him a very genuine and sincere man, who will do his best for the industry. He comes from the bookmaking business and so understands their way of thinking as well. When reading the article, you will find he thinks that the ‘right’ is achievable and will be to the benefit of all, both the bookmakers and the horses. Let’s hope he can achieve his aim, without too much aggro from minor distractions. 

Band Of Thunder leading Marktime and Regal Galaxy

Its great publicity to have Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton compete in races. She has been sponsored by a bookmaker to do this and all the national papers have jumped on the publicity bandwagon. The aim is to get her to ride in the Fox Hunter’s at the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival next year. This is all from scratch. Her first race was yesterday in a charity race at Newbury, which I am sure she would have enjoyed immensely, but there is a massive difference in riding in one of these and with the professional amateurs who compete at Cheltenham. The publicity is very welcome, but I think it would have been better just getting her to ride on the flat in proper amateur ladies races, rather than over fences.

Now that the exercise is over, it's time to go for a cooling shower