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The temperature is much easier to work in

Monday, 06 July 2015

"Everyone is the age of their heart."

Guatemalan Proverb.

Sant'Elia leading Permera, Careless Rapture and Marktime

It’s a sunny morning with a perfect temperature. A lot of the mugginess of last week has disappeared, which makes it much better to work in. All the horses have been out and had a good exercise on Southfields, cantering about 7f, and then a quiet walk back in. The forecast is for the weather to stay like this all week and hopefully we can have a bit of rain to keep the grass freshened up.

Prayer Time

Astrovirtue ran ok at Beverley, without landing a blow. He travelled well for a long way, but after his lengthy time off, it just found him out. He will be having another run in the not too distant future, over a slightly shorter trip and hopefully he can show his true colours then.

     36_Geese     30_Duck
It's not just horses we breed at the stud, there is also the geese and ducks

I see one of the French trainers was expressing his opinion that our British stewards should toughen up the rules towards careless riding, as this win at all cost attitude in the bigger races seems to be getting worse. If the jockeys know that they won’t get a big ban for their indiscretion, this will continue. In my opinion, both this careless riding and first past the post, plus the number of strokes that can be used, needs to be stiffened up, with big penalties. It seems to me that our easy way of stewarding pampers to the punters, rather than the owners and trainers whose livelihood depends on the results. I think the whole issue needs a fresh look.

     20150629_112026_2     20150629_115856
Smokey Oakey with Judi Dench and presenting the rosettes at the RDA, Little Brook

We have a few horses that need good homes at present. All are lovely characters, with very good temperaments and if anybody is interested, please give the office a ring for further details. The pictures above show what can be done and what good homes we find them. Smokey Oakey has a life of luxury at the stables, where the Riding for the Disabled has classes every week. You can see the pleasure on the youngsters face when receiving their rosette from Judi.