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Friday, 10 July 2015

"Life is not happening to you. Life is responding to you."


Regal Galaxy

It’s a glorious morning with not a cloud in the sky. It will get warmer as the day goes on, but at this time of the day, it is perfect working conditions. We have been very busy once again, with horses going up to the sales, horses on the way back from racing and just general exercising, all mixed in with plenty of visitors. In fact I don’t quite know which way to turn at present. My staff are working brilliantly and both the yard and stud are ticking over like clockwork. It’s definitely the old adage, smooth on top and paddling like mad below.

Singing Hinnie

I went to Carlisle yesterday, which is quite a long way. It was much further coming back as there were three diversions, and those who know me, will know it drove me barmy! When I got to the last one, a diversion through the middle of Cambridge, I gave up and just turned the radio up. Our runners didn’t hit gold yesterday, but there is hope for all of them. Comrade Bond got badly squeezed and I think he now needs the cheek pieces on every time. Humphry Repton didn’t run at all badly after his long layoff. Legal Art lost a plate coming out of the stalls and did very well to finish where she did and the trip was just too far. Bracken Brae needs it softer and will get two miles. They are both sure to win when conditions are right. 

Sweeping Beauty

It can be a dangerous game and we have two jockeys on the side lines this morning. One was an apprentice, who got kicked at exercise, and the other, the best rider in the world, got injured at the stalls. It just goes to show that you never know in this game what will happen, especially with very fit animals that can do anything in a split second. Both the Injured Jockeys Fund and Racing Welfare do a tremendous job looking after industry employees who have had an accident, or have fallen on hard times and any support from the public is always very welcome.

Bridget receiving a lovely kiss from the Sir Percy ex Missouri yearling

I see the National Trainers’ Federations Chief Executive has come out and said that the new living wage, published in the budget this week, will hit the middle to smaller trainers and he is dead right. We would all like to pay the staff more as they do a fantastic job, but the economics of the industry are such that the prize money on offer for the middle to lower races, which is the vast majority of all races won, is so low you cannot justify charging owners more to pay for the staff pay rise. If you do they will be lost to the game in even bigger numbers than they are now. A lot of owners absolutely love the sport and are fantastic supporters, but if their horse could win two or three races and pay for its keep, they would re-invest more and the sport would grow, but as it is, so many of them fade away after a year or two and are lost to the industry. It is very short sighted of the bookmakers, to always put up defences against paying the going rate, as it would benefit all of us if the industry was thriving. 

The Excelebration ex Lady Bellatrix foal

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