It's Champions weekend ...

It's the King George at the weekend

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

"By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower."

Rabindranath Tagore.

Walking onto the gallop before jumping off to canter

It started off a bright morning but there are a few clouds blowing up now, and I think we are expecting a bit of rain from the afternoon onwards. After yesterday’s busy morning we have had a normal cantering day and apart from one non-runner staff wise, everything has ticked over well. I just wish we could get some proper rain and we can get back onto the grass.

Two groups cantering on the Rubbing House poly

It’s the build up to the King George at the weekend,  but once again Ascot is competing with York, Newmarket, Newcastle, Salisbury and Lingfield, which is far too much racing for anybody to comprehend. The King George looks to be a marvellous race this year with a wide assortment of horses taking on this year’s Derby winner. This race should sort out the men from the boys and if Golden Horn is as good as the handicapper thinks he is he should win once again. However, Ascot is a course that you need a good draw and things to go right as it is a very short straight and any hold up can be dangerous. It will certainly be a race worth watching. I also see Ascot is changing their enclosure layout, which will limit the admission to the fourth floor. It is such a big grandstand that you can soon get lost and I personally never know how it all works.

The heathmen are always busy

I see horse racing in Spain has started once again, which can only be good for their industry. I think the argument was between the two main authorities over image rights. I don’t think much has changed, but it must be a big relief for everybody with horses in training there. They put up some good prize money at Saint Sabastian Racecourse and if anybody wants a break in August and September, it would be a good trip to undertake.