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Some proper rain at last

Monday, 27 July 2015

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

Maori Proverb.

Mr Turner leading Hold Firm and Astromajor

There was plenty of rain over the weekend and we still had a few showers this morning. We had 40mls on Saturday and around another 10mls yesterday. It's still spitting but amazingly the ground is only just starting to be "canterable" on now. We have been on the polytrack on Southfields with most of the string.

Legal Art, Permera and Regal Galaxy

Our runners on Saturday started with Comrade Bond who had every chance, was given a good ride by Saleem but seemed to fade at the furlong pole. He was found to have been struck into on both hind legs when coming back in. No wonder he failed to get into contention after these cuts occurred. He was very lucky that they didn't hit the tendons but there are severe lacerations on the outside of his near hind hock and on the inside of his off hind hock. Peeps ran a sound race once again without having any luck. The outside draw was against her and when she wanted to make up ground she was blocked in. She finished with a flourish and would have been second in a few strides. She is a winner waiting to happen.

Walking out to the Rubbing House canter

The BHA have got themselves in a real tangle over the Ascot race where the starter let the field go with the favourite without a jockey as he was on the side of the stalls. The horse was then declared a runner but obviously should have been a non-runner. It will be fascinating to see what happens and what fines are dished out to everybody when the inquiry is concluded. With the first two jockeys in the King George receiving whip bans, it wasn't the finest hour for the authorities.

Sweeping Beauty on Hamilton Hill

How fantastic to see Chris Froome, the winner of the Tour de France, on the front pages of the major papers today, and what an amazing  achievement by him, but wouldn't it be great if our Derby winner was front page news.