Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

The weather forecast doesn't match the name of Glorious Goodwood

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

"Praise the bridge that carried you over."

George Colman.


Walking out with a smile

It’s an overcast day and much cooler once again. We have had quite a few jockeys in which is always very helpful, although when issuing instructions as to how the gallops should go, there were one or two blank looks until it sank in. It was perfect ground on the turf across the flat, where for once they have got some bottom in the grass. Everything went smoothly and let’s hope they start to put it together on the track now.


Bracken Brae

It’s Glorious Goodwood and Galway this week, which always makes for great watching with two completely different tracks, but fantastic atmospheres at both. At Goodwood you have got the great views, relaxed ambiance and top class racing. At Galway there’s competitive racing, great craic and you need a constitution of an ox to survive the week as the bars just don’t close. Both places are compulsory to visit in your lifetime. You will thoroughly enjoy them. Once again Richard Marriott has put himself forward to compete in the tipster competition against me and to a £10 level stake on every race, our first day’s offerings are below. Non-runner, no bet.


2.00    Forgotten Hero    2.35    Galileo Gold    3.10    Toormore    3.45    Forgotten Voice    4.20    Double Up    4.55    Operative    5.30    Dr Red Eye


2.00    Top Tug    2.35    Ibn Malik    3.10    Dutch Connections    3.45    Notarised    4.20    Lucky Beggar    4.55    Sterling Lines    5.30    Hannington



The second part of the bookmakers TV programme was on last night and once again I missed it. However, Ian tells me it was much better viewing and that there was a man on there studying the size of the horse’s feet and who he thought was given the most thorough instructions. His theory seemed to work and before long we will have to let everybody know the size of our horse’s shoes, and what instructions we are giving at declaration time! I think it showed the fun you can have for very little money when things go right, which is not always the case. I will try to watch both the programmes on catch up TV if I can actually work the computer, which for a dinosaur is quite hard.

Hold Firm