It's Champions weekend ...

One runner tonight at Newmarket

Friday, 31 July 2015

"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."

C.C. Scott.

Cantering on the Cambridge Road polytrack

It’s a much warmer morning with plenty of blue sky and should stay like this until at least Monday. We have been doing two canters this morning on the Cambridge Road polytrack and on Southfields round. All has gone well so far. I am not putting pressure on any of the horses, as I still think there is a bug lurking somewhere and you cannot tell when they are going to suddenly get it. It is only a minor respiratory problem, but it stops them dead when under any kind of strain.

Sweeping Beauty leading on Southfields round

Our runner yesterday looked as if everything was going to plan until being asked to quicken up and just stopped as if shot and he certainly must have something on him. He will be scoped and then put on a course of antibiotics. It is annoying because they all look a picture and you just don’t know which one has got it without doing a ream of tests, which costs a fortune. After Blue Bounty and Hold Firm, I thought we were starting to get out of it and it is a very frustrating time, as you can imagine.

We have one runner tonight, Humphry Repton, who looks and acts as if he is fine. Let’s hope he can run well as we have had numerous problems with him outside the viral one and he, at the moment, is trainable. The ground will be very much in his favour. His dam loved it soft and he hated the firmer ground last time.

Our one runner on Saturday is Sant’Elia at Doncaster, who is in a warmish maiden over 1m 2f. I think she will be much better in a handicap over a bit further in time. I am sure she will run better than she did last time out, as a left handed track and a long straight will suit her better than going right handed when running at Leicester two weeks ago.

Newmarket stands in the sun

Goodwood goes on once again and I was very unlucky not to surge ahead yesterday, with two winners and three seconds. Our efforts are below and let’s hope we can point you in the right direction, but it is very hard with these big runner races. It is amazing how the draw can affect everything as well, and the jockeys have to be on their metal at all times. You certainly need a brave horse and an honest one.

Standing after day three

Richard minus £112.50

MHT minus £122.25


2.00  Hillstar    2.35  Johnny Barnes    3.10  Basem    3.45  Move In Time    4.20  A Momentofmadness   4.55  Fadhayyil   5.30  Aleator


2.00  Connecticut    2.35  Latharnach    3.10  Munaaser    3.45  Moviesta    4.20  Alshalaal    4.55  Osaila    5.30  Tashaar

The old stalls from Folkestone

The Jockey Club have acquired the old stalls from Folkestone, which are pictured above. They will be cut up and used as practice starting stalls at various places on the heath. These will be a big help as they are very similar to the ones used on the track and much sturdier than most we have on the practice ground now. They have been waiting to come up for the last month, but have been hit by the operation stack on the M20. At least there weren’t any illegals hiding in the infrastructure!