It's Champions weekend ...

Victory is mine again

Monday, 03 August 2015

"Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world."

Eckhart Tolle.

The string out cantering

It’s a warm start to the day, quite muggy in fact and I think the forecast is for a good week with only a few showers sweeping through. It has been one of those mornings already where I have had the vet in after first and second lot to put the scope down a cross section of the horses and see what is happening down inside. I can tell you that what came back up the scope was not very good and we will be putting them all on a course of antibiotics and having no runners for the next 10 days. It is the only thing to do as they won’t get over it by being stressed. We can keep cantering, but no more. It has driven me to distraction as you can imagine and I thank my owners for their understanding. There is a lot of it going about throughout the country and I am sure we would have picked it up either in town or at one of the tracks. The only one good consolation is that there will be several horses very well handicapped.

Dot Green

I see a million pounds is going to be pumped into the industry from The Racing Foundation, which is the money that came from the sale of the Tote, over the next three years to try and address the staffing crisis we have a present. I hope all the right people are asked their opinions as it will be very disappointing if this money is wasted on ideas that don’t work. 'Times always change' and 'nothing stays the same forever' are two good sayings, but horses have to be looked after seven days a week and the only way to do that is properly. You can’t skimp on things as it is the horse that will suffer. The major problem that has caused the staff shortage is too many fixtures, especially evenings and Sundays, which have just gone mad. The staff are flat out as it is and just cannot cope with the extra work. I am sure this fixture problem will not get changed. It will only get worse and the number of staff needed to cover when others are away are not there, so consequently the ones at home do their work and eventually tire of it, hence leaving the industry. It is not rocket science to sort it out, but our industry is still not as one, with the BHA and the Horseman’s Group trying to get the racecourses to sign a binding agreement. It is the racecourse who are delaying it and I think always will do. It is not in their interest to give up fixtures, which is the whole answer to the problem.

There is a bit of blue sky this morning

The Goodwood tipping competition came to a crescendo at the weekend and although I was well in front at the time, it was a runaway victory once again with three winners for MHT on the last day. I only finished minus £12.25 with Richard on minus £220, all to a £10 level stake on every race, so really it was a good effort on everybody’s part. It’s good fun though and although Richard lost, he gained a very big award from the Royal Horticultural Society on Saturday for his show exhibits. This is a great accolade and although he can’t tip horses he can grow flowers and vegetables. It was like him winning a listed race. He has the Classics to look forward to.