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Walking and trotting is the order of the day

Tuesday, 04 August 2015

"Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested."

Helen MacInness.

Walking with the horses

It’s a sunny morning, but there is quite a bit of wind and you need a coat on either riding out, or walking across the heath. We have just been walking and trotting with the majority of the horses, a few did do a gentle canter, but I feel for the next few days whilst they are all on antibiotic injections, it would be the best thing to do so as not to stress them. They have not stopped eating and looks pictures, but as I told you yesterday, the throats are full of infection and we need to clear this up as quickly as possible.

Hold Firm

It was the final episode of the BBC Britain at the Bookies TV show last night. Once again I failed to watch it, but Ian tells me it wouldn’t have told me anything I didn’t already know. The gist of the whole show was that the old original bookmakers as we knew them are dying out, both on the tracks, whether it be horses or greyhounds, and that the shops are only kept open, or made viable, by the machines within. We are always going to have the people who are addicted to gambling, drink and drugs and there is plenty of help for them about it they care to take it, but most of them don’t. The internet and mobile phones are taking over the whole gambling business and things are changing rapidly. Where it will all finish is anybody’s guess.

The lads are in good form out at exercise

There’s another big article today in the Racing Post on the staff and the housing crisis. You will always get lads who feel hard done by, as in any job. It can be highly skilled and the staff that can ride anything and teach the horse how to gallop are few and far between and if they are there, they are paid very well. The problem is getting them to that standard, or them wanting to improve. Racing is a way of life, which is now much better paid than it ever was. I feel the major problem is the housing needs, especially for single staff and with Racing Welfare commissioning a survey to find out about the workforces housing needs, it must be the way forward. There is no real need for a survey, but as usual it seems you must have these surveys in place before gaining funding. In Newmarket alone there is need for between 100 - 200 single bedsits and up to 100 two bedroom starter homes for the racing industry, but as usual it would take several years before this come to fruition. I would hope the Queensbury Lodge site at the top of the town would be a prime position for this sort of development, and would get round the horseracing industry's planning policies which the council have.