In and out as quickly as possible ...

There is plenty to see on the heath

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song."

Chinese Proverb.

Second lot on Southfields round canter

It’s not very warm at the moment. It started off at 11 degrees and three hours later it is still only 12. There is no rain and no wind and could be set fair for a few days now. With Jimmy and Saleem in this morning we had a good exercise on Southfields Round, without any coughing, and they were all very fresh and well in themselves. I hope we are getting somewhere and early next week will tell us. I am keeping them ticking over and it should only take one piece of fast work to get them back on the track.


I hope you liked the Yorkshire road sign yesterday, which came from the Yorkshire Racing Clubs magazine. The Yorkshire week continues in the Racing Post, with an article on famous Yorkshire men. It goes right back to John Scott, who was actually born in Newmarket, but put Malton on the map with his training career. Once again it is a great read and it just goes to show what a great county Yorkshire is. I think it should be independent and we should form a Yorkshire National Party, like the SNP!

     IMG_20150724_150718     IMG_20150809_171248
                                                             Astrovenus playing polo

As you know we always find good homes for our horses, and have received some great pictures of Astrovenus playing polo. She has really got up to a good grade now, which is very satisfying. I am sure she will go on playing for many years and then they will breed her to a polo stallion. I have always got horses available, you only just have to send your email to the office.

Wild Snapdragon

The heath is peppered with wild flowers at the moment. They tend to come out at all varying times of the year and all different variety’s. Both sides of the gallops have their individuals. Cowslips are great on the Limekilns and Bury Hills and these ones above, which are like wild snapdragons, are seen on Racecourse Side. We also have some very rare orchids, which are at a secret location, so all in all there is plenty to see other than the horses. I also love the Sky Larks, which are not in the numbers they once were, but are fantastic to watch and make great music.