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I hope the rain holds off long enough

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."


Cantering between the 2f and 3f poles on the Rubbing House gallop

It was raining when I started on into Newmarket at 5.50 this morning, but it didn’t last long and if anything it only dampened the dust. It is very close and the forecast is for some sporadic thunderstorms moving up from the south, so hopefully we can get the morning exercise over and the load of hay that is arriving mid-morning unloaded before we get drenched. We have had two lots successfully out and back, with a canter on Southfields Rubbing House polytrack. Third lot will be doing the same.

Warming up on the trotting ring

The horses all look to be in good form, with plenty of life about them and they are eating well. I can’t wait to get some back on the track, but you can’t hurry these things and patience is a real virtue. The vet will be in after the horses have cantered on Monday and Tuesday with his trusty scope, and that will tell us a lot more.

It's a busy morning with diffent strings passing

The Yorkshire theme continues in the Racing Post today, with a double spread on my hero of trainers, Peter Easterby. He is well into his 80’s now, but his enthusiasm shines through in this piece and along with his brother Mick, they epitomise what can be achieved with skill, hard work and great character. His stories are legendary and if you are lucky enough to ever be in his company when he gets going, you cannot help but enjoy the fun. As fun training racehorses is, we all get problems, whether it be horses, owners, staff etc, but everybody enjoys the craic and understands what goes on.

     16_Flower_Pink     18_Flower__White
                             Wild flowers on the heath, same variety, different colours

I took a couple more photos of wild flowers on the heath this morning. I think they are the same variety as each other, just different colours. The flowers I have shown you this week won’t last very long, but they brighten up the morning when you walk across the heath. I am beginning to sound like Prince Charles with his wildlife meadows!