In and out as quickly as possible ...

We don't want racing to become boring

Thursday, 13 August 2015

"Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart."

Kay Knudsen.

A grey, stormy looking sky this morning

It’s overcast but very close this morning, with the forecast showing heavy thundery rain moving up from the south. I think it will be very sporadic and we will just have to see if we get any or not. We have had a very good morning horse wise, with everything going out and doing a mile steady canter on Southfields round. All went well and no coughing afterwards. Touch wood we may be on the way back.

The gallops that are open today

I don’t know whether I am old fashioned, or very stuck in my ways, but the announcement that the fixture list is to be expanded once again next year, with many more all-weather fixtures, is completely beyond my comprehension. It shouldn’t be because the BHA has only direct influence over 13% of the total fixtures and it is the racecourses which have the other 87%. The expansion of the all-weather racing is very disappointing, but it looks as if in 50 years’ time we will have the majority of racing on these surfaces. It will be so boring and it is disappointing that our leaders have no vision whatsoever and we have got ourselves in this terrible state. In Great Britain we have great history and heritage and our racing is held in the highest of esteem worldwide. Our variety of tracks is what makes it so and once we go down the route of flat all-weather tracks, with poor prize money and only used purely as betting fodder, it will be a very sad day. I know the big tracks will survive with their week long festivals, Ascot, York, Goodwood, Newmarket, but the rest will go down the all-weather route eventually and the boredom will set in. I see Nick Rust says that 2016 will be a year of consolidation and he spouts the jump racing review, the switch to the racing right and a strategy for growth plan. He says it makes very little sense to attempt to alter the racing programme. I think it is called not having the brainpower to do anything about it, or if you can’t do anything about it, stand up and shout, WHY? 

At least the flower brightens up the day

Here is my third and final flower of the week. These very small wild flowers only last a few days and will be gone very shortly. I am not sure what this one is called, but for a few weeks of the year, as you walk across the heath, it is always lovely to see them flowering.