Horse welfare is paramount ...

We had a nice amount of rain

Friday, 14 August 2015

"True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable."

Dave Tyson Gentry.

A misty, murky morning

We had about 10mm of rain last night. It was certainly not what the forecaster told us we were going to get, but it was very welcome. It’s very misty this morning and warm, which is quite uncomfortable to work in. We could now do with some clear air, which I think is forecast for the weekend. The horses have been cantering on Southfields Rubbing House polytrack and with Jimmy and Saleem in, that has been a big help as well. There is still no coughing and spluttering, so it certainly looks like we are on the right track. A good piece of work next week, if all is clear on the scope, will get the horses ready to run.

The string jumping off on the Rubbing House polytrack

I see the fiasco at Ascot, which cost the on course bookmarkers of up to £100,000, has been wiped under the table by the BHA. It was a complete comedy of errors when the favourite for the big International Handicap, came out of the stalls without his jockey. We now realise it was the junior starter on the day and we also know that there was no communication or organisation in the weighing room that knew how to deal with these matters. I can quite clearly see that the BHA didn’t want to set a precedent by giving the money back to the bookmakers, but where have we heard these words before “we must, and will learn lessons from this episode”. This seems to be a stock phrase used by all political organisations when an event occurs which shouldn’t have. I never think anything improves. We need people at the top that can really get to grips with what is happening and sort it out.

Cooling down after exerise with a walk

I read this morning that York has only had 10mm of rain overnight and the ground is still good, good to firm. Let’s hope it stays that way as then both Golden Horn and Gleneagles should stay in the race, which would be a marvellous situation. If it does go soft, I am sure the race will cut up and not be the spectacle it should be. August at York is always a memorable meeting where you see so many good horses, whether for this year’s crop or the two-year-olds starting to put themselves forward for the 2016 Classics. If you have never been I recommend you make the effort to at least attend one day.

Humphry Repton

My flower yesterday, I am reliably told, is bindweed, so I am not as good a botanist as I thought I was. Sally Lou Tritton tells me that the proper name for it is Convolvulus Arvensis, which is a glorified term for field bindweed. Evidently alpacas love it, but amazingly all the flowers have disappeared this morning. It must be me bringing them to everybody’s attention.