Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

A bright, clear morning

Monday, 30 August 2010



Walking through the Limekilns belt of trees 

''For in the end, we will conserve only what we love.
We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught.''
- Baba Dioum



Crossing the road onto the Limekilns

A bright, clear morning but quite breezy and the first chill in the air of autumn. We have been on a long exercise first and second lot this morning, which entails walking and trotting alongside Long and Bury Hills, walking down the Limekilns belt of trees and across the bottom of the Limekilns, followed by a canter of about 5 furlongs up Railway Land grass, then a quiet walk in. It is what I call an old-fashioned exercise and one I really like.


Crossing the Limekilns towards Railway Land in the distance

The weekend runners were a mixed bunch with Piccarello and Zenarinda running with credit and we have learnt more about them. Munro's Dragon is now handicapped and that will be the direction he will now be following. Smokey Oakey will be examined by the vet this morning but, thank goodness, it is not as bad as first feared. I would think a pulled muscle will be the diagnosis, as the ground at Goodwood was very loose and tiring and, I think, he certainly hit a false patch, which did the damage.


Red Barcelona (Liam) at the top of Railway Land

A great win for Sheffield Wednesday and I don't wish to crow but we are top of the league. Phil and Ian are in their usual ebullient mood but with the arrest of another Arsenal player it brings in to question - are they employing footballers or playboys? 


Brushing (Nicki)



Iain and Power of Dreams leads Kinsya and Steve



Steve on Watch Chain thanks the traffic for stopping on the road to Kentford



Gerry Barrett and MHT watch Ted Spread pulling up at the top of Railway Land