Horse welfare is paramount ...

Perfect conditions

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

"Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future."

Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Cantering on Southfields

It's a bright morning with high wispy clouds. There is quite a cool breeze and you needed your coat on whilst I was watching work first and second lot across the flat on Racecourse side. After the rain we've had, the grass was in perfect condition and we worked four furlong straight and two round the bend. This teaches the horses to breathe and to quicken up. All went well and the jockeys were happy with the work.


The vet was in to meet the first lot of gallopers with his scope and wash. Of the six we did first lot two of the washes were borderline and will go straight into the lab to see if any cultures can be grown. It looks as if we are going the right way at last but we won't count our chickens until they start to run well.

Warming up on the trotting ring

I see the refurbishment of Longchamps in Paris has now finally got the go ahead. It will be a major re-build and they are also talking about putting in a floodlit all-weather track. It looks as if it will be at the cost of one of the other Paris tracks, with either Maisons-Laffitte of St. Cloud for the chop. I'm sure there will be plenty of strike action going on as the French usually do on such occasions.