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The rules need to be the same worldwide

Monday, 17 August 2015

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

Judy Garland.

Astromajor cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s a sunny morning, but on the cool side. I am sure it will warm up as the day goes on and it looks like being set fair for the week. It has been an interesting morning, with quite a lot going on and although they say everything is character building, I think I have got enough character for most things and it would be quite nice to have everybody turn up on time and things go smoothly. Saying that, it is a normal morning.

It's a busy day with plenty of horses around

The horses have been out and cantered on Hamilton Hill and everything has gone well so far. There have been no coughers and after tomorrows canter, the vet will be in to scope a good cross section, which will be an interesting experiment. If all clear we can kick on and run some at the weekend. They all look well and are eating everything put in front of them.


I see the rules in America have been causing havoc once again and it is another example of why we need to try and get the rules uniform throughout the racing world, but I suspect that is too much of a simple suggestion for our leaders to consider. If you played any other sport, in any country, the rules are the same, whether it is football, cricket, tennis, rugby, but not racing where every jurisdiction has their own regulations. It is no good bleating when horses are disqualified in these situations as the rules won’t change and I am sure it will be a waste of time for the connections to appeal in this instance. The winner was obviously the best horse in the race, but it broke the local rules and the result was changed.

Exercise over for the day now back to the stable

There was a trial gallop at Yarmouth at the weekend and the comments coming back from it are reasonably positive. I just hope we don’t race on very soft ground and dig the whole track up before it has had time to really get some growth and bottom into the turf. All Yarmouth need to do now is put some proper prize money on and they will get the good horses going. Mind you saying that there is a race at Chelmsford tomorrow with prize money of £17,500 and an added £10,000 form the Plus 10 bonus scheme attached and there are two runners, which must be so disappointing for the track. The answer is there is much too much racing for the horse population, but once again the powers that be just don’t understand this and are always in the grip of the bookmakers who demand as much racing as possible. However, a two runner race, with a long odds on favourite won’t bring in any turnover, so it ought to be obvious to all parties.