Horse welfare is paramount ...

The rain is falling

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

"Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved."

Christopher Paul Rubero.

Heavensfield out on the trotting ring

It’s a wet morning, with the temperature only 15 degrees and I think it is set in for the day, until late afternoon. It will do a lot of good as it is a nice steady rain rather than in patches. We have had plenty of people in this morning, which is a great help and we have had a good exercise with some of them doing half speed work on the watered gallop. All went according to plan and the feedback was that they felt really well in themselves. Tomorrow is D day when we will be scoping them after cantering. Keep everything crossed and let’s hope we can get back on track.

Dot Green

Weaning continues at the stud and we are a good half way through. There was a jinx a couple of weeks ago when some of the foals got high temperatures and we had to stop the programme until they had recovered. It is not only horses though on the stud that takes up all the time, there is a huge amount of maintenance and with the storm last week, a big tree split in half. It took forever clearing it up, carting all the branches away, cutting it into logs and mending the fences that it had demolished. We have got a great team on the stud and we had all hands on deck and got it done in a day. The amazing thing was that there were three fillies in the field who didn’t take any notice of it at all.

It's not just looking after the horses on the stud

It is the big York meeting this week and the fields are beginning to take shape for some fantastic racing and if the ground stays like it is, we are all in for a treat. Unfortunately I won’t be having a runner, which is so disappointing, but let’s hope with the nice young horses we have got about the place, and some more future investment, we can get competitive again at these big festivals. Sometimes when things go quiet you just have to get determined, which we all are, and get on with the job. The team is working towards those goals.