Horse welfare is paramount ...

Great work morning

Friday, 28 August 2015

"The happiest people don't worry too much about whether life is fair or not they just get on with it."

Andrew Matthews.



It's a perfect morning today weather wise,  blue sky, no wind and just the right temperature. As normal for a Friday we are very busy with all the jockeys in. We have been working on absolutely perfect ground across the Flat. We worked round the bend once again and everything went just as I would have hoped. Second lot will see plenty of two year old fillies starting to learn their job.

Careless Rapture with Permera on the right

I see the BHA are launching a new initiative to improve race planning. To my mind they have very little chance of this as the racecourses control the majority of fixtures.and the bookmakers are constantly clamouring for more racing. I have still got some press cuttings from thirty years ago which say centralised race planning is a must. This has long been a wish of mine. I cannot see that ever happening as we still have no binding agreememnt signed by the racecourses. The BHA are having a consultancy process which I can see as usual will end in disagreement.


Sweeping Beauty

There's a good article on the bookmakers' mergers today in the Post by the industry editor Bill Barber. It's certainly worth reading and his last paragraph sums up what I was saying yesterday. On the future funding he says "Given developments in the industry future flows are going to be hard to predict."



For the first time yesterday all our scopes were clean, which certainly shows we are going the right way. I have got some entered on Yarmouth on Sunday but I don't think they will run as I hear the course has had to doll off a certain area and the runners will be compressed into 12 metres. Personally I think it is madness to run at Yarmouth so soon on soft ground as it will dig all the new roots up straight away and I am sure they will not fill in the divots with earth - it will be with sand. I hope I am wrong but very much doubt I am.


Singing Hinnie leading Topaling

Racing UK had a visit to the yard yesterday to do an interview with me mainly about the stable staff shortage. In the event it was a good general piece about the yard as well. I'm told it's going to be on next week from Wednesday before daily racing.