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The office is on the move

Thursday, 03 September 2015

"A heart that loves is always young."

Greek Proverb.

The sky we were greeted with this morning

It’s another calm morning with showers forecast and I have just heard that East Anglia is going to be the coldest place in Britain this weekend. It won’t be that cold though and no snow is forecast. We have been out cantering on Southfields polytrack with all lots and so far, so good. I will be scoping a few more after work tomorrow, but if the demeanour and look of the horses is anything to go by, they seem to be going the right way.

Humphry Repton pulling out of the stable

Our runner yesterday got bogged down in the heavy ground, which I was hoping he would like, but you never know until you run them in it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get his legs out to improve at any stage. The one good thing is he will be handicapped now and he will be able to run in those from next week onwards.

.... and out at exercise

There’s a very good article by Steve Dennis today in the Racing Post. In fact I must say it is an exceptional piece and his thinking is very clear and to the point. His analysis of how racing is more like an iceberg than a pyramid is quite correct. The 10% you can see out of the water is beautiful and looks perfect, but the majority of it, which is below the waterline, is out of sight and usually out of mind of the BHA and all the other commentators of our industry. But, as Steve says, “this isn’t news and wouldn’t make the front page”. The BHA and all the racecourses, who hold the power in our industry nowadays, must realise this, or the iceberg will keep sinking lower until it is gone. 

Bracken Brae saddled up

We are moving our portakabin office tomorrow, so it’s been hectic packing up everything before the big lift. Anybody who has dealt with moving will know the teething problems that occur, with the electrics and telephones, plus internet connections, so if we have major problems for a few days I am just letting you know in plenty of time to contact us on our mobiles in case of need. This site will be put up on Friday as normal and hopefully Monday will go smoothly as well and with any luck we could all be firing by Tuesday, but I wouldn’t count on it. As they say I will keep you posted.

.... and cantering 

I thought the Seb Sanders bootless episode was unnecessary and to me it’s sad that this has had all the publicity. It should never have happened and the Clerk of the Scales should have done something beforehand, even if there is nothing in the rules of racing against such a thing. There must be a Health and Safety issue here for a start. If Seb is struggling with his weight, he needs professional help to get it under control, as he is a top class jockey, who is struggling for rides at present and needs some encouragement to get this weight problem sorted out. He is still very able and capable of holding his own in the top grade.