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Happy retirement

Friday, 04 September 2015

"Man tends to treat all his opinions as principles."

Herbert Agar.

Walking onto the gallops

A cool morning once again, but a busy one as we have had the jockeys in at 5.50 and have done two pieces of work before 8 o’clock, on ground that is absolutely perfect. Jimmy and Saleem have been marvellous over the past few months and along with my lads who can ride work, we have been able to get the horses well educated and ready to run once again. We won’t be having any runners over the weekend, but there will be on Monday at either Brighton or Windsor.

Topamichi leading the string

There was another retirement announced yesterday, that of Clive Brittain, who has been a stalwart of Newmarket for as long as I can remember. An unbelievable enthusiast, even at 80 years of age. His string was always the first on the heath, sometimes in the pitch dark. He and his wife Maureen have worked wonders with horses for decades, and all the top class winners have been thoroughly deserved, six Classic winners in all. He patented the celebration dance in the winner’s enclosure after big winners and loved life to the full. I am sure he will miss the everyday connection with the horses, but if anybody deserves a happy retirement, it is Clive. I am sure I speak for everybody in Newmarket when I say thank you for all the memories and the example you set to others.

Hold Firm

I know I said yesterday that we are moving the portakabin today and over the weekend. We are now without electrics, telephone and e-mail at the office. Hopefully tomorrow will see the electrics switched on, and on Monday B.T. are putting the telephone back. Until then please ring my mobile if you want to make contact with us.

The new gravel on Hamilton Hill

Since being based over on the Hamilton Road, I have had lots of trainers asking me to get a few things done on the heath, as I am Chairman of the Federation. You can see from the picture above we have managed to get Hamilton Hill re-tarred and chipped, which makes it much safer for the horses and enables them to to get a good grip. It had worn very smooth and in the wet, and with the winter approaching, it would have been dangerous. Everybody has been very appreciative of the Jockey Clubs efforts.