Horse welfare is paramount ...

All the jockeys were in

Tuesday, 08 September 2015

"The person who is waiting for something to turn up might start with their shirt sleeves."

Garth Henrichs.


Mr. Turner

It's an overcast morning but there's no wind. We have had everybody in to ride out this morning. It always helps when we have the jockeys out and there is usually great banter both at the yard and on the Heath. We have been doing plenty of good cantering work on Southfields Round and the Rubbing House polytrack. All has gone well so far.



We had three runners yesterday which, although not getting any glory, did not run too badly at all. Both the fillies blew for twenty five minutes after their races and Comrade Bond was just too keen in the headgear. We have not been pressing them at home due to the infection and this will have put them all cherry ripe for next time.


Blue Bounty walking in

Our office relocation has been going surprisingly well starting with the cabin movers being very professional and then too our own men connecting the electrics and water - thank you Colin and Ryan. As usual the one thing out of our control was B.T. You can never get hold of anybody sensible who can organise the job and they have so many divisions of their company that it would send the sanest of people barmy. A good man came out yesterday and connected the office line on the right number so you can ring in now but it is not complete and we still have no internet.  Hopefully we shall be properly connected today but I wouldn't hold your breath.