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Still no internet connection

Friday, 11 September 2015

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James.



It's another warm mild morning but there is heavy rain forecast for the weekend. We have been working between the banks and across the flat on the Peat Moss. It's mostly gone according to plan with just a couple of little hiccups. It was absolutely perfect ground on the turf which after all that rain we had a fortnight ago is now in marvellous condition.


Sweeping Beauty

Peeps ran a sound enough race yesterday at Epsom. I don't think she handled the camber in the straight and she had a good blow afterwards. I'm sure a normal track and a mile and a half will suit perfectly. Blue Bounty had a big off day when he missed the break which is unlike him and was always playing catch up on a course he blatantly didn't handle.


Jack Carter

It's the St Leger tomorrow at Doncaster and this time of year always brings back happy memories. It will depend if they get any rain as to who the winner will be as I think they are all very similar. Maybe Bondi Beach would be the pick. It's disappointing for Doncaster that the Irish have started their Champions Weekend which takes a lot of the spotlight away. If Gleneagles and Golden Horn plus Free Eagle all go to post it will be a tremendous race for the Irish Champion Stakes.       sant

Dot Green

There's an article today about what the vets do at the yearling sales and the very thorough examinations that they do nowadays. These examinations can make or break a sale and are very expensive to do. The vets have to be meticulous and with the sums of money involved you must take notice of the veterinary reports.  Sometimes, depending on the price you are paying, you can go with your gut instinct as to whether a horse is trainable or not. There are many horses which have a "problem"at this stage but go on to be good racehorses without any sign of lameness.


Mr Turner

Needless to say we are still haven't got our internet connected and of course it's nobody's fault. If you have ever tried to get hold of anybody sensible in one of these huge companies you will know how frustrating the problem is. You talk to many people in many parts of the world who assure you that everybody is connected by computer and the job will be done. If this is the way to run a big business no wonder the world's finances are in a mess.