It's Champions weekend ...

Working on a carpet

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

"One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks."

Jack Penn.

      mht_up_bank    mht_top

The Guv'nor going up the Bank to see that the string is on it's way


The Heathman checking for any divots, with the horses in the distance

It's a bit cooler this morning as you would expect in mid September. Although we had some rain yesterday it was not enough to shut the Peat Moss gallops and we worked first lot Between the Banks on ground that could only be described as a carpet. Everything went according to plan and the horses just need to show their wellbeing on the track now.


Singing Hinnie with Topamichi

The interference rules continue to be discussed with plenty of comment in the Racing Post and as usual everybody has a different opinion. My view is that we are getting a win at all costs attitude by the jockeys especially in the bigger races. Unless something is done about it there will be a horse and jockey on the floor before too long.


Humphry Repton, Smile That Smile and Peeps

We have started weaning the second batch of foals, and all is going well so far. If this lot goes as easily as the first group everybody will be happy. The foals continue to grow and develop well and we constantly weigh and measure them to monitor their progress.


Bracken Brae and Sant'Elia

There's an article today about the film they have been making on Tony McCoy and by all accounts it enhances his legend. It's going to have it's premiere towards the end of November and I am sure it will be compulsory viewing for all racing fans.


The jockeys debriefing the Guv'nor