Horse welfare is paramount ...

Jockey's coming in is a real help

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Coming through the mist at first lot

It’s a very similar morning with plenty of sunshine and banks of fog across the heath. A big red sky greeted me first thing, but I can’t see the old shepherds warning causing many problems today. There are plenty of jockeys in, which always helps as we had one non-runner staff wise once again. If the BHA understood how often staff didn’t turn in throughout the industry, with every excuse known to man, they may begin to understand something about how training yards work. We have been galloping horses Across the Flat on the turf and all has gone very smoothly.

Crimson Moon

Many thanks to Tony Le Dieu for sending me a picture of the crimson moon as my camera failed to operate at that time in the morning. It is a great photo and thanks Tony. By the way Chelsea was very lucky on Saturday!

Comrade Bond and Mr Turner

It is the big build up to the Arc this weekend and the news from France looks to be that Treve is as well as her trainer could expect. With the ground going to be on the soft side of good, it should suit everybody and although it is a small field, it should be a great race. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Treve win once again and put herself into the history books.

Sweeping Beauty, Regal Galaxy, Astrosecret and Careless Rapture

Broodmares have to be tested on or around 1st October to check whether they are in foal for that years covering as payment is due from that date. Once they are checked in foal in the spring with heartbeats, you then leave them until this date in October. It is always a worrying time as things can happen between then and now. On testing our mares this year we have found two were not in foal, which were originally in foal with heartbeats in the spring. It is always disappointing, but usually there is a reason for the mare absorbing the pregnancy and we will have to check them out before starting again in February.