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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"My heart was glass, daily shattered

Your love the glue, repairing the tattered." 

Jaesse Tyler.

Hold Firm and Peeps cantering up Hamilton Hill

It seems colder this morning, but I’m sure it’s not. There is a heavy dew, but not as much mist about. There’s another non-runner this morning amongst the staff, a different one this time, but with Jimmy in, we have been getting on well. After yesterday’s busy morning we have been on Hamilton Hill and the horses have been jumping about everywhere, absolutely full of beans, which is always a good sign.

Blue Bounty

A very bad incident happened yesterday at Southwell, which was all down to drink, when two men attacked jockey Aidan Coleman. They evidently burst into the jockeys' room, via the back entrance. We have had a few incidents like this before in the sport and it is all down to drink and the number of security men on duty. The racecourses are all very slack in employing security and parking attendants, as these cost money, and it is one thing less to pay for. Let’s hope lessons will be learned this time. 

Dot Green out at exercise ...

The new development at Longchamp got the go ahead yesterday and the whole project will be started a week after the Arc on Sunday. The artistic impression in the Racing Post looks fantastic, but I suppose the people pictured will only be there on Arc day, as the French are still very sceptical about the industry. The weather will play a big part in this weekend’s race, and it is set fair for most of the week, but due to change on Sunday. It is very hard to predict whether any rain will fall. There seems to be a great build up to this year’s race, much more than in previous years, and let’s hope it lives up to its star billing.

... and back in the yard having a nice pick of grass

There in an interesting piece on Jonathan Pease, who is retiring from training in France this year. A very quiet person, he was a top class trainer who gave his horses plenty of time to mature. I thought his comments on the industry were very true when he said he finds it unrealistic the prices that are banded about for horses. The figures paid nowadays for some horses are completely out of most people’s price range.