A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

We have two runners in the Tattersalls October Autumn stakes on Saturday

Friday, 02 October 2015

"May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door."

Irish Toast.

Smile That Smile and Topamichi and below Sant'Elia and Singing Hinnie


It started off quite foggy once again, but it soon burnt off and by second lot it was a glorious morning. Between the Banks on the peat moss ground was where the horses worked today and it was like a carpet once again. With Jimmy and Saleem in everything went well. There is nothing better than to come out and watch horses work and Harry and Marion were up in time to see second lot, which they thoroughly enjoyed. It is very much part of having a horse in training as you get to see behind the scenes properly and know how much work goes on in a professional training yard. I nearly got them unloading the hay lorry which turned up just as we were returning to the yard, but coffee and biscuits were more to their liking. 

Harry and Marion watching second lot

Humphry Repton had no hope from his draw last night and once Jimmy burst him to get a position, there was nothing more to come. I think we will revert back to the turf with him, but you can never condemn them when they are drawn as badly as he was.

We have two runners tomorrow at Newmarket, both in the same race. It is the Tattersalls October Autumn stakes, where you have got to take a chance and hope you can get in the first ten as they pay money down to that positon. I always think every race should have money down to sixth, as just receiving a little bit in your Weatherbys account is good for the morale. Jack Carter wears blinkers for the first time, which should make him concentrate, and Regal Galaxy will be having her third run, but I think needs quite a lot further. It is a great weekends racing with Ascot, Newmarket and then Sunday the Arc at Longchamp. Also my vegetable will be entered into a competition. What a treble, Jack Carter, Treve and a pumpkin!

Careless Rapture and Permera

My prediction about Yarmouth has come true, and although I don’t like to crow and say I told you so, anybody with half a brain could have predicted this outcome. Let’s hope lessons have been learned and we get a proper racecourse next year. I think it will be safe enough next season, but will take several years to get bedded in properly. It was done very much without any great thought and it has gone from a perfect track, to being a nightmare. Whoever was behind the whole debacle should be seriously thinking if they ever do it anywhere else, and unfortunately they will be moving the fixtures. I just hope the BHA makes them go to other turf tracks, rather than the all-weather, and those that are nearer to East Anglia as when they gave the spring ones out they were as far afield as Brighton and Newcastle.

Autumn is here, the leaves are beginning to turn

The BHA has scraped the small fields trial, which has been very controversial and none of the owners and trainers wanted in the first place. It only takes clear thinking to realise what races are needed and not needed, but as usual the people with the knowledge are never asked and the office based BHA come up with these schemes. There is nothing like getting out into the field and asking people in the industry as that is when you get clear answers, but once again I think that is a too simple solution. It must be complicated for them to put it into practice. 

Poppies by the side of the gallop

It has been Goffs yearling sales this week, which has had some big headline millionaire yearlings. But the average and median were down for the main sale. Take the big spenders out, I think it is still very patchy and value can be had if the research is done properly. We are starting next week with October 1 at Tattersalls here in Newmarket, which will have its own millionaires and the Arabs will be out in force competing against the big Irish battalion. October 2 and 3 start the following week and this is the sale where value can be had. If anybody is interested in a two-year-old for next year, please get in touch and we can arrange for catalogues and advice. I have also got several very nice homebred yearlings for sale and lease and they will be coming into the yard towards the end of October. Pictures will be put on the website around that time.