A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

Two runners at Leicester today

Tuesday, 06 October 2015

"Those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art."

Izzak Walton.

Working Across The Flat

We had quite a bit of rain overnight and it was amazing that the peat moss ground and the Limekilns were still open. It must be that the main man is away because you could do a lot of damage of those perfect grounds galloping after rain. We went Across the Flat, which was as good a ground as you could wish for and should have been the only ground which was open. A bunch of five came 7 furlongs, five and two round the bend and all moved well and smoothly. Second lot we just showed a few the stalls and did some pipe openers with the ones that are going to run tomorrow.

The open practice stalls on racecourse side

We have two runners today at Leicester in both divisions of the fillies’ maiden. Permera is in the first at 2.10. She has run two good races so far and I am sure she will run a nice race once again. However, you can meet anything in these races and she will be handicapped after today. Careless Rapture is the next at 2.40. She is definitely a filly for next year, but has done enough work to run and my comments on the first division apply once again. Some of these as yearlings have cost more than a king’s ransom and we will know a lot more after today, but the education will do them both the world of good.

Showing the horses there is nothing to be scared of

I see the Channel 4 viewing figures were down dramatically for Longchamp on Sunday, which is really rather pathetic as it was one of the best days racing of the whole year. I don’t know quite what is happening, or if anybody amongst the powers that be is taking notice. They sold the picture rights away to a company who gets more out of the advertising than it cost them, but the effect on the viewing public is immense. The excuse they give is that it was competing against the Rugby World Cup, but I can’t imagine many people were watching Argentina v Tonga, and the Arsenal v Manchester United match didn’t kick off until way after the Arc. We need people to watch and enjoy racing, but our figures constantly go downwards, whether it is for the Derby, Royal Ascot, the list is endless. There needs to be some clear thinking if we are to get our figures up once again, but in my opinion it is the personnel on Channel 4 which lets it down. It needs a complete revamp. Start again with a blank piece of paper, make it fun and most of all about the horses and not all about gambling. People will bet regardless.

The Guv'nor checking legs after evening stables

I see the international conference of horseracing authorities are meeting at present. There seems to be a consensus that the interference rules should be harmonized globally. Let’s hope they can all agree and so we know the rules wherever we go in the world. The one thing that needs knocking on the head is this win at all costs that jockeys seem to have in this country when big races and prize money is at stake.