A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

Bracken Brae will be running at Chelmsford tomorrow

Friday, 09 October 2015

"There is but one temple in this Universe: The Body. We speak to God whenever we lay our hands upon it."

Thomas Carlyle.

You can just see the horses coming through the mist

It’s one of those fantastic Newmarket mornings, which are completely unique to the job we do. There were bands of mist across the gallops and it was unbelievable to see the horses appearing out of the fog as they galloped first lot. The sun was just getting up and it was glinting on the yellow florescent jackets. I was a good way away and even with my long lens on it was hard to get the perfect photo, but if somebody had been a lot nearer, what a picture it would have made. I am very privileged to be able to have mornings like this and it is a shame no owners were out with me to share it. The ground was perfect Across the Flat as it should be today for the start of the Future Champions weekend. I see they are calling it good to soft, but it will ride like a carpet.

The sun is rising and the heathmen are hard at work

We have no runners today, but one tomorrow night at Chelmsford City. Bracken Brae runs in the 8.40, the 1m 5f handicap. She was second there two weeks ago and must be in the shake-up once again, if everything goes to plan. She is drawn well, which is a pleasant surprise, and let’s hope this big filly can do the business.

Dot Green leading Regal Galaxy and Hold Firm

I see the Tote jackpot is set for a major overhaul. To me this is better late than never as ever since we sold the Tote away to a bookmaker on the cheap, nothing has happened to enliven the Tote or encourage anybody to have a bet. Let’s hope the publicity will rejuvenate this old friend.

Humphry Repton and Blue Bounty at second lot

There is a jockey in Australia suing for £5million after he was wheelchair bound following an accident. This was caused by interference and although I don’t know the full ins and out of the case, it could have a bearing on our interference rules if the £5million is upheld. It has only been luck that we have not had an accident similar to this with a jockey badly injured, or killed, as the win at all costs thinking of our jockeys and the very poor officials have not had the strength or the wisdom to change the rules or get them unified. These are all split second decisions, but if the rules were clear, eventually they would sink in.

The flags are out for the Future Champions weekend

I always like Bill Barber’s articles in the Post on a Friday, but with calls for the BHA to relocate from many quarters, including myself, he seems to be disagreeing. He thinks the High Holborn London rents are not as bad as everybody thinks and says that the BHA have decided it is cost effective to stay in London until at least the end of the lease on the property, which is 2020. My reasoning is that you must look long-term and to find a property, or build one yourselves, would be the best long-term financial plan, but I suppose everybody in authority still thinks London is the capital of the universe.