Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

We all woke up to a misty morning

Friday, 03 September 2010



First lot arrives over Racecourse Side on a foggy morning

''Take care that the face that looks out from the mirror in the morning is a pleasant face. You may not see it again during the day but others will.''



John Taylor and MHT debate the state of the ground with their 'going stick'

We all woke up to a misty morning but a nice one with no wind once again and plenty of dew in the ground. I was hoping the Peat Moss ground would be open this morning and I know a few other trainers were keen for it to be open as well but, as you can see from the above photo, there was much debate on how far the stick went in the Summer gallop. In fact, we needn't have worried, as all the jockeys reported it rode like a carpet. Ted Spread did his last piece of fast work before the St. Leger next weekend and we couldn't be more happy with him.


The Rowley Mile racecourse rises ghost-like out of the mist

The Heath itself has really benefited from last month's downpours and is in very good shape with plenty of grass growth. It has also helped the stud that is now looking much greener and giving the newly weaned mares and foals plenty to munch on. The weaning is in full flight now and the groups of foals are all settling down well.


Ted Spread (Darryll Holland) and Marvo (Maria) 

I had a visit this morning from Glenn Tubby, the general manager at Yarmouth and we had a long debate on both our industries.  You never stop learning in life and everybody's business looks greener but it is amazing when you delve in to the nuts-and-bolts how all businesses have their problems behind the scenes. We had a very amiable discussion and I am sure it can only do good for the future. Glenn saw how hard everybody worked in the yards and I got much more idea of the problems and the challenges facing the racecourses. It can only benefit both of us. 


Watch Chain (Colin) and Astrodonna (Liam)

We have entered Kinsya next week at Doncaster in the charity race for Steve Smith-Eccles to ride; the horse is in fantastic nick, which is more than I can say for his jockey! Anybody who would like to sponsor him still has time, either send any donations direct to us or give via . It is for a great cause and will benefit so many people. 


Finger Spin (Liam Jones) and Astroleo (Michelle)



Brushing (Nicki) and Dazinski (Pat Cosgrove)



Glen Tubby, General Manager of Great Yarmouth racecourse with MHT