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The ground must be reported correctly

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

"Boldness is ever blind, for it sees not dangers and inconveniences whence it is bad in council though good in execution."

Francis Bacon.

Working Between the Banks at first lot

It’s a very similar day to yesterday, but no wind and the temperature is not as down as the forecasters have been predicting. The peat moss grounds are still open, both on Bury Side and Racecourse Side, and we have been working horses on my favourite piece of ground Between the Banks. This 7 furlong strip was in fantastic condition this morning and the horses concentrate as they come up between the two high banks. All went well.

Peeps and Singing Hinnie

The ground at Windsor was changed back again from what the Clerk of the Course had posted on the BHA website. He had got good, soft in places in the morning and is what we withdrew Smile That Smile on, but surprise surprise, there was no rain but it went back to good to soft, in fact quite soft in places, which is really annoying as that is the ground I wanted. If you had travelled your horse there the costs are horrendous for the owner, so you can only do your best from the official going report. If the Clerks are going to behave like this then nobody will take any notice. It also doesn’t suit the public who will have their own ideas when making a bet.

Coming up in groups at second lot

It is great to see Alastair Down admit he was wrong about moving the Derby from a Wednesday to Saturday. It has been an utter disaster and the words Derby Day has gone forever. The world used to stop on that day, or at least the racing one did, but now it is lost amongst so many other sporting events and even game shows and old films on TV. He makes a passionate appeal to not let the Cheltenham Festival have five days instead of the normal four, but money talks and the Festival is such a big cash cow in the big picture of Jockey Club racecourses, that another day would make them fortunes and would allow other projects to happen within the portfolio. I am sure the arguments will be strong on both sides. 

Dot Green and Permera