It's Champions weekend ...

It's Champions Day at Ascot

Friday, 16 October 2015

"We use our brains too little, and when we do, it is only to make excuses for our reflexes and our instincts."

Martin H. Fischer.

It's a dark morning and the Guv'nor is talking to the heathman

Waiting for the horses to come into view

It’s a damp old morning with a fine mist in the air. I don’t think it’s going to be much and it won’t change the ground at all. We have been galloping Between the Banks on racecourse side at first lot. It is amazing that it’s still open at this time of year, but it rode like a carpet. Then second lot we were on Southfield round, all has gone well enough with the horses so far, which is more than can be said for me. I must have picked up a bug at the sales.

The horses are moving well

We have no runners this weekend so I will have the opportunity to watch Champions Day at Ascot. I hope Gleneagles runs in the Queen Elizabeth, but I very much doubt he will do with the ground being on the soft side. It looks as if it will be a good days racing rather than a brilliant one. Jack Hobbs hasn’t had a lucky draw, but then neither did Golden Horn and he overcame it with a brilliant ride from Frankie. 

Sweeping Beauty and Humphry working Between The Banks

I see today in the Racing Post Bill Barber is talking about the Jockey’s Championship, which ends tomorrow with a burst of stars on Champions Day. It has been more of a damp squib all year since Ryan Moore was injured and Richard Hughes retired. However, it is great for Sylvester who is a very good, hard working jockey. He doesn’t get the plaudits he should have, but when you are not in a fashionable yard that is what happens. I really don’t think that any of these new initiatives that the Great British Racing have come up with, have changed racing for the better. We ought to get back to the basics. Increase the prize money and look after the owners at the racecourse to a high standard. These are the first two things to do and most of the rest would follow. If owners could win two races and pay for keep for a year there would be a big influx into the game. These last two days of sales of the so called lesser horses, have demonstrated there is a problem. There have been big drops in the average and the median and I can imagine the production of these horses will go down.  The BHA’s wish list is to have 1000 more horses in training. I cannot see this being feasible. 

Pulling out for second lot

I see Betfred are in the process of closing their call centre in Wigan, which will put 100 staff out of work. This is all down to people betting on their mobile phones and computers.  To increase our prize money, either we need to find a way to tax online betting, or all the bookmakers must pay a fair price for the product we supply. The BHA has got to be one step ahead rather than four behind.