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Something has to be done about the viewing figures

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it."

James Bryce.

The sun is rising over the heath 

It's now light but it's a misty start

I think the clocks go back this weekend which will certainly help as it is getting so dark in the mornings and we have been pulling out later trying to follow the light. There are several strings that pull out earlier than us and how they manage to see anything is beyond me. A major accident will happen unless the Jockey Club get control of the pulling out times. We have been galloping Across the Flat with the first lot of horses and plenty of jockey’s were in. Second lot did a good canter right down the Back of the Flat the full trip, which does them the power of good, gets them to settle and breathe properly. All went well

Topamichi leading Smile That Smile

Permera was bogged down in the sticky ground at Pontefract yesterday. Her mother liked fast ground and I think she is a filly that will also go better on faster surfaces. She was not disgraced though and will now have a good break to give her time to strengthen up and mature. I am sure she will make us a cracking handicapper for next year. Dot Green once again ran very well. She was only beaten just over four lengths and got into a bit of a barging match when turning in. She has got tons of ability and we are only just scrapping the surface with her. A winter on her back will see plenty of improvement.

Humphry Repton and Mr Turner

There are two or three things to catch your eye in the Racing Post today. There are going to be no maiden races next year. It will change to a novice race system where by winners can continue running with penalties. There is plenty of argument for and against this system and I can see it suiting the trainers with early two-year-olds who will take advantage of running and winning two or three races until the penalty system catches up with them. As yet we don’t know what the penalties are going to be and let’s hope there is plenty of imagination when they are decided. It's quite a big call by the BHA to do this and we will have to hold judgement until a few months into the trial.

Comrade Bond and Blue Bounty at second lot

Channel 4 viewing figures were drastically down once again for British Champions Day and how anybody can make excuses for them is complete beyond me. It was good enough racing, they weren’t competing with anything else at that time, but Bargain Hunt had twice as many viewers on a different channel. You have got to think to yourself what is the problem? ITV are very keen to take on some of the bigger races in future and I hope the people who decide these things can, at long last, see sense. It you think that the amount of money we got for the whole racing package to Channel 4 was only what Sky have paid for 1 ½ premiership matches, you can see the comparison. It has not cost Channel 4 any money whatsoever for the Racing Rights as the adverts have been sold for far more than they paid for the rights. From my point of view, the whole racing TV presentation and delivery needs a complete shake up. The fun has gone out of the programme and we don’t see enough of the horses and the majority of the presenters are only doing it for the money. It showed on Saturday when the points that Richard Hughes made were the most interesting and correct of all the presenters