In and out as quickly as possible ...

We are at Doncaster today and Chelmsford tomorrow

Friday, 23 October 2015

"A flock of geese leave their lake and take wing, turning to poems in the sky."

Dr. Sun Wolf.

Topamichi working with Smile That Smile

It’s an overcast morning with rain forecast for later on today and tomorrow, in fact I think it is going to start to get very unsettled. We were a bit late pulling out this morning as Tom Fanshawe, trainer James’ son, was coming to ride out Comrade Bond as he is going to ride him at Leicester on Monday. Unfortunately he turned up at the wrong yard, Exeter Ride, and we had to send somebody to pick him up and bring him to Frankland Lodge. He rides very well and will have a good experience on Monday. Everything went as well as could be expected as we worked on the grass in front of the racecourse.

Exercise over, time to debrief the Guv'nor

Singing Hinnie was once again very disappointing. She is an outstanding looking filly, standing 16.3 nearly 17 hands, but has shown nothing on the track so far although she does show me some ability at home. If anybody would like a horse to go point to pointing, showing, show jumping, hunting, eventing, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough as she is a very good ride and has a most lovely personality. If anybody is interested please give either myself or the office a ring. Regal Galaxy got squeezed up at the start and the race was over from very early on. She made a little progress, but you can’t come from last to first at Chelmsford as the surface is now on the fast side and the races are run at a strong pace. 

Peeps, who runs tomorrow, walking round the yard at second lot

Today we run Topaling at Doncaster in the mile six handicap. She has not shown much form on the turf and it will be interesting to see how she performs today. She is very hard to get fit at home as she only does what she decides to do and there is nothing you can do to make her do anything else. Tomorrow we have one runner at Chelmsford with Peeps in the 8.40. I have stepped her up in trip slightly which I am hopeful will help her cause.

Keeping the gallops in perfect condition is a full time job

I see the big bookmakers are starting to make noises about talking to the BHA on the sponsorship front and whether they will pay up on their overseas and digital bets. It was pleasing to see that Ladbrokes still think that horseracing is a big part of their business. Most of the bookmarkers have played this down over the last few years, but racing is their key source of income and they cannot do without it. There will be plenty of hard talking in the next few weeks with the levy finalisation looming and now with this sponsorship item thrown in the mix, plus the Racing Right in the background, the cards are starting to be played. If we don’t get a proper result this time, and I hope to everybody’s satisfaction, we are definitely on the slippery slope.