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The tripartite agreement has been signed

Thursday, 05 November 2015

"To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting."

Edmund Burke.


There’s plenty of rain once again this morning although it is not constant, it just comes in bursts. It is very mild though and there is still no wind. We have had a good morning so far with two lots out and cantering has gone smoothly. There’s lots of fun and excitement with the yearlings as they are being broken and I can say I am absolutely delighted with this year’s intake. 

Humphry Repton

I see they are going to finally sign the member’s agreement, which is the tripartite between the BHA, the Racecourse Association and the Horseman’s Group. The RCA, especially Arena, are very reluctant to give up the control of 1,200 fixtures and as far as I can see they still have control of these fixtures, so if that is not a fudge I don’t know what is. Once it is signed we will have to wait and see what good it does, if any. It might mean on certain simple issues that the racing industry speaks as one, but as usual on issues that affect one part more negatively than others, they will soon all fall out.

Second Lot

I see Chelmsford City are going to trial the new 7f chute, which has been planned for quite a while and will have plenty of use once it is up and running. They have done a lot of work to the course surface, but not, in my opinion, for the better as it has now gone from the easy side to riding very firm. They will have to keep maintaining the surface to a high standard if they want the horsemen to keep turning up. We have a runner there tomorrow and it will be fascinating to see how he runs as he was a course and distance winner on the old surface, and this will be his first time on this faster one. 


Blue Bounty

Another BHA announcement yesterday is that they have no plans to bring in centralised stewarding, which are being called for by the Racehorse Owners Association. I am sure there is plenty going on behind the scenes with new steward’s secretaries, who are the main rules people on race days, and the training of race day stewards constantly continuing. I think it would be sad to do away with these stewards altogether, but the idea is not without some merit. However, with the amount of racing we have on a daily basis, it would be very hard for centralised stewards sitting in London, or wherever the base would be, to keep up with every race.