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Friday, 06 November 2015

"A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have."


The Guv'nor watching the warm up

At least we have no rain this morning, but the forecast is for bands of it to come moving across the country for at least the next week with winds picking up as it dashes across the Atlantic, so there is plenty to look forward to. Waterproofs and wellies to the fore. We have had a good morning cantering on Southfields round and the horses are all in good form.

Exercise over, time for the debrief

We have one runner today with Topamichi running at Chelmsford in the 5.40. This is one of those twilight meetings that start at 4.35 and finishes at 7.40. It is so that everybody going home from work can call into the betting shop and have a bet. What a load of rubbish. Topamichi ran a good race last time, is drawn well in one today and although this looks one of those contests that everyone has a chance in I don’t think he will be too far away. I just hope the ground isn’t too fast for him, but if you look at last night’s times, most of them were faster than standard with one being four seconds faster. This definitely shows that the ground is much firmer than it used to be. 

Authorized ex Missouri two-year-old on the lunge lines

The tripartite agreement was actually signed yesterday and there are pages on it in the Racing Post today. Personally I think it is just a ruse to show the government that racing can stand as one. If it helps us to get the 'Racing Right' in a few years’ time, it can only be a good thing, but don’t hold your breath that they will all be still talking to each other in a fortnight, never mind four years.

Our get well soon wishes for a quick recovery go to Gary Moore the trainer, father of the jockeys, who got kicked yesterday very severely and is in hospital. It can so easily happen and it just goes to show how careful you have got to be. Even a proper horseman like Gary can have an accident and you must be vigilant at all times when around thoroughbreds. 

Singing Hinnie and below Astromajor 


A couple of our horses have recently retired. Singing Hinnie has gone to our farrier, Becky, who will be retraining her as a show horse and Astromajor has gone down to Kent to be retrained by Janine Palmer, who has had horses off us before. They have settled in marvellously and are loved and feted by everybody connected with both yards. It is fantastic that these horses can find good homes, but the one comment I constantly get back from everybody who has them, is that how well-mannered they are and how happy they seem. They soon get settled in to their new surroundings and it’s great to know they have a second career.