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It looks like the bad weather is on the way

Monday, 09 November 2015

"We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."

François VI de la Rochefoucault.

Cantering on Southfield Rubbing House polytrack

It’s starting to blow now and the forecast is for plenty of rain and wind all week. I don’t know whether they were joking or not, but when I drove in this morning the forecaster on the radio said we were going to get this weather for the next three months. It’s so far so good after two lots. We have been out cantering on Southfields Rubbing House polytrack where everything has moved well and there were plenty of bucks being put in by several horses. It looks like I will be busy with the clippers once again as their coats are growing very quickly and even the ones I clipped last week are getting ready for their second clip.

Hold Firm

Topamichi was fifth the other night at Chelmsford. He ran well for a long way in what was a competitive contest. I will be going jumping with him now and it won’t be long before he is seen out over hurdles. He only ran the once last year when he was very keen at Doncaster, but he had schooled brilliantly at home and I am sure he will produce the goods for us this time.

Daylight coming through the trees this morning

The end of the turf season was a damp squib on Saturday. Whereas before they used to have the champion jockey and trainer presentations on this day, now I don’t think anybody knows when anything starts or finishes. It has been a complete cobblers all along this year and will continue to be so unless someone really gets a grip. In my opinion all the championships should run from the 1st January each year, whether it be flat or jumping, as with all year round racing there is no start and end to anything. It was a real mistake that this was allowed to happen in the first place and as usual the decision was taken by people who have no idea of the practicality’s, or even taking the history of the sport into consideration. The only factor that came into their brains, was let’s make it so that hopefully somebody will win it that the general public had actually heard of, but that was narrowing it down to one, Frankie Dettori. However, if you asked a cross section of people in Cambridge who Frankie Dettori was, I would think one in a thousand would give the right answer. That’s how well our PR for the industry is run.