Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

Careless Rapture runs at Chelmsford tonight

Thursday, 12 November 2015

"Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll."


On Southfields rings

It’s a bright sunny morning, with no wind and once again the temperature is way up on what it should be for this time of year. We have had another good morning with a full complement of staff, although we do need a couple more good riders. We have been cantering on Southfields grass and the round polytrack. All has gone nearly as well as could be expected. 

Desert River

We have one runner tonight at Chelmsford City, which is another one of those twilight meetings where there will be no paying racegoers, just a few connections will turn up. The prize money is amazing a Chelmsford and it is one thing that attracts all the runners. We had the general manager at a National Trainers Federation meeting yesterday and he got plenty of advice on how the track should be maintained. In the track's short life it has gone from soft, to being very firm, with track records being broken at every meeting. I think he got the message that all the trainers want is for the surface to be consistent and then we know which type of horse to run on it. They have not had any snow and ice there yet and that will be another interesting situation. Back to Careless Rapture. She has had two runs so far, improved on her second run and should improve again, but she is a filly that will be much better next year and will be put away for the winter after today’s outing, come what may.


I see the former BHA chairman, Paul Roy, has now gone to work as chairman of online gambling operation Sky Bet. This is obviously the reverse of Nick Rust who came from the betting industry to the BHA and now Mr Roy has gone the other way. I think Sky Bet was one of the firms involved in the levy talks that broke down. They employee 700 people and are set to expand with another hundred jobs in the Leeds area. My interpretation of that would be that Sky Bet are doing very well off the back of our industry and other gambling outlets. I think the industry could have done without Mr Roy taking this positon, as he will know the complete working of the BHA and will be a strong advocate against the Racing Right, which will obviously hit the bookmakers but do wonders for our sport. This story rumbles on.