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Storm Barney didn't cause to much upset

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

"Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later."

Dana Stewart Scott.

Comrade Bond on Southfields round

Storm Barney hit us last night with very high winds, but it has now died down and we have just got a good breeze. There was no rain with it and apart from a lot of small branches down on the stud and buckets blown about the yard, there has been very little damage. We have been doing just normal canters on Racecourse Side and although we had another non-runner staff wise this morning, all has gone reasonably well. Allan is getting on with the breaking and most of them have now been sat on.

The Aussie Rules ex Astrodiva yearling in the lunge pit

I see in an article today in the Racing Post that Julian Muscat is agreeing with me, that the Australian way of handling interference by jockeys, is a lot stronger than ours. The bans that both Frankie Dettori and Jamie Spencer got for their mistakes in the Melbourne Cup were much larger than for the dangerous manoeuvring from Andrea Atzeni, barging his way out in the St Leger. He says that the recklessness is simply not tolerated in other jurisdictions and he is so right with that comment. Maybe our stewards are waiting for a horse or a rider to be badly hurt, before they get to grips with this problem.

Astromoon enjoying her new job

As you know we always find good homes for our old horses and we are constantly monitoring them as to where they finish up. We encourage the new owner to send phots of them in their new homes and doing other equine disciplines. Today’s photo is of Astromoon, who as you can see is really enjoying her new life. They ROR’s (The Retraining of Racehorses) arm of the BHA has just had its awards ceremony and I was looking at the winners and the prizes. It looks to me that six of them got £2,500 each, along with their trophy. Just why this money has been given to these people I don’t understand, as I am sure £15,000 would have gone a long way to help the official centres, which do all the retraining. I think the whole issue of the Retraining Of Racehorses needs looking into as it is imperative that it is kept going. However, it needs to do all the right things and protect any vulnerable horses, so all the money it has should be going in that direction, not to the horses that are already in very good homes and doing well.