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A cold start to the week

Monday, 23 November 2015

"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures."

Jessamyn West.


The forecast was for fog today but we have had the complete opposite as it's a very bright sunny morning with a good ground frost. There is no wind so the temperature has held up well and it's a beautiful winter's day. We have been using two canters mainly, the Southfields Round and the Hamilton Hill polytracks, and all has gone well so far. I have been driving the yearlings in the lunge pit and around the yard as Alan, the head lad, is on holiday for a week. 

Some of the horses coming back in from second lot

I see the racecourses are sticking to their sponsorship announcement as Betfred has not signed up to the commercial agreement that required bookmakers to pay an amount from their overseas bets. This means the Gold Cup at Cheltenham and the Haydock Park Sprint Meeting will have to find new sponsors, plus many other ones in the coming months. I commend the racecourses for standing firm and let's hope it can be resolved by discussion rather than legal means. Nobody wants a fight but the industry is so underfunded it has got to do something urgently or we shall be going down the slippery slope faster than we are now.

Astroshadow being long reigned 

It's the start of December Sales fortnight here in Newmarket with yearlings today and then foals starting on Wednesday. These are then followed next week by mares and fillies. A completely different set of people converges on Tattersalls at this time and the chat is all about stallions, foals of first season sires and the state of the breeding industry.


Astrosecret back at the yard