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There's no detention needed for my pupils

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

"One measure of leadership is the calibre of people who choose to follow you."

Dennis A. Peer.

Regal Galaxy

It’s a damp old morning, but no wind and in fact it is quite mild. A good morning so far with the horses, with everything having a healthy exercise and tomorrow's two runners have had a pipe opener. I have just been long reining a yearling filly, which has eventually seen sense. They often try you on for a start, but are like all children, once shown the correct way, they enjoy it. I always think I am like a school teacher, with the horses as the kids and the owners, the parents.

Washing down after exercise

I see the budget for Great British Racing has been taken up by Racing Enterprises, rather than the BHA on its own. It looks like there have been a few changes in personnel, but it would be interesting to know what good this initiative has done, as I don’t see a lot more new overseas owners investing in the industry. The sales companies, both Tattersalls and Goffs, have much better marketing departments. They do a tremendous job in attracting new buyers from a wide variety of countries to come and buy horses at the sales. I know a lot of them go back to their countries of origin, but quite a few stay here and contact and friendships are made. I don’t know how you can see any results from Great British Racing’s efforts and we never seem to have any announcements from them as to what they have achieved. It would be nice to have something like that, if they have anything. If you have succeeded, why not shout about it?


It was the first day of the foal sales yesterday and it made for very poor reading with only 10 foals making £10,000 or more. All the rest struggled to get bids and although we are dealing with the lower end of the foal pedigrees, yesterday and today, I hope the BHA are watching as their aim of a thousand new horses in training will soon have to be adjusted.