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Champion apprentice nominated

Friday, 27 November 2015

"Love is like a butterfly:  It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes."


Desert River

It’s a damp morning, but no wind and the temperature is holding up really well. I know I shouldn’t say it, but we are yet to have a proper cold spell this winter. The forecast last night said we are going to get some proper rain today and I hope we can get third and fourth lot out before it arrives. We have had a very good morning so far with plenty of good cantering exercise being done and it looks like we will be having a few runners next week, both on the flat and over hurdles.

It was a frustrating evening at Chelmsford City. It looks like Ixchell may be a sprinter, like her sire, but she was especially disappointing last night. Peeps got what can only be described as a poor ride as she was never in the right place at any time. I think Saleem got the message and those that know me will understand when I say he got the treatment last night and this morning. It just didn’t go right for her at any stage but she will soon recover and be back out on the track before Christmas.

Bracken Brae and Humphry Repton

I see Bill Barber is discussing the sponsorship authorised betting partners this morning in the Racing Post and that Fred Done is making headlines with his Betfred bookmaking group. He says he will just walk away from all sponsorship and if they don’t want the Tote on the racetracks, he will walk away from that as well. I think it is all bluff and in a short while they will all be talking once again and making up. All racing is asking for is a fair return from the bets they take on our racing which is not taxed. It is simple, pay your fair share and racing will help you as much as possible. We have bent over backwards in the past, with the fixture list, and any other number of things to help the bookmakers, but they still keep wanting more. It is about time racing had its fair share.

Hold Firm leading Topalova and Topaling at second lot

There was some good news yesterday for racing with champion apprentice Tom Marquand being nominated for the Young Sports Personality of the Year award. I think it is the first year we have had one on this list and let’s hope he can get down to the last three and we can get the publicity we deserve. I met Dale Gibson the other day and he was telling me what a good lad he is and how he conducts himself in the proper way, both on and off the track. He is a credit to his profession and an example to all budding apprentices who want to make the grade. Work hard, listen to all advice, be smart at all times and if you have got the ability, you will be given every chance.

Regal Galaxy

I smiled at the BHA saying they have reduced the number of races that clash at the off. It is amazing what statistics can do. They say they aim for a minimum gap of 45 seconds and that it makes an unbelievable difference of £1,500 per race and £5,000 when on Channel 4. Wow, what a claim, 45 seconds! I am sure there are so many people desperate to claim their stake back from the race before and then have got all that time to decide who to bet in the next. Please spare me all this rubbish. If a horse is at the start, he doesn’t want to be walking around getting cold and upset. All races should go off at the advertised time and if for some unknown reason, ie, like a loose horse or a spread plate, that’s just unfortunate. You can’t tell me it costs money. This is a real case in point of pampering the bookies.

Exercise over, time for a cooling walk back to the yard

We had a very nasty accident the other day on the gallops, with a rider from Gay Kellaway’s very badly injured. The horse in question broke its leg and it was a very bad fall. Gay is quite rightly up in arms that the ambulance was a while getting to the incident as, I think, they were misdirected to where the gallop was. We have looked into this situation before, ever since the Newmarket Hospital's A & E got closed down a number of years ago and we will certainly look into it once again as Health & Safety on the gallop is a priority. With the number of horses on the gallops increasing year on year accidents happen at regular intervals. We have been very well served by the East of England ambulance service and the very few times we have needed the air ambulance, that has been brilliant as well. I think this may have been a one off that it did take the ambulance quite a while to get there, but if we can come up with a solution to the problem, even if it means putting more money on the heath fees, we will.