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A very wet Monday morning

Monday, 30 November 2015

"When you dance to your own rhythm,

Life taps its toes to your beat."

Terry Guillemets.

Bracken Brae and Humphry Repton

It's a very wet morning and you needed all your wet weather gear on when we went out first lot. The rain was lashing down and looks as if it will be continuing for quite a while yet. We had a good lot of staff in this morning with my new assistant trainer, Barry, and new yard man, Ricky, plus everybody turned up who could ride out. We have been using an assortment of canters all morning and so far so good. We shall be having several runners this week both on the flat and over hurdles but it all depends on the ground.

07_AstroshadowAstroshadow in the lunge ring

Tattersalls sales continue this week with the mares and fillies. I think it will be very similar to the foal sales last week with the top end holding up well and the middle and bottom tiers having a big struggle. I think for the breeders most of the stallion fees are much too high and there was very little return if you had wished to sell foals last week. The costs of the stallions are starting to get out of all proportion. I know many people feel the same and the Dowager Duchess of Bedford, a stalwart of the breeding industry, wrote an excellent letter recently on the subject.



We are nearly in December and our early foaling mares will be starting to come in at night soon. They are looking big and well. Preparations for the new season are under way at the stud and it never ceases to amaze us all how quickly the cycle comes round.
                                                                             Hold Firm